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  • The 3 important Ways To Dominate The Battlefield in Apex Legends
    Hora: Mar. 21, 2019 De: SCDKey

    Apex Legends was developed by the spirits behind the Titanfall series. You will see a great battlefield in a team of three men while you choose a unique character, fall from the sky, loot everything and fight for the winning team.

    But the game not only consists of hitting trees to get wood, but also building walls in front of you to protect you from the shooting ... Apex Legends offers an intimidating game, here are some tips on Apex Legends Founders Pack.

    1 - The choice of the character is the key.

    First, we have what Apex Legends calls legends. These are the playable characters in the game. Unlike other Battle Royale games, each one offers unique skills and game styles that you can master.

    2 - You can jump from any height and Run up Walls.

    A fantastic feature of Apex Legends is the fact that you can jump from any height, feel fantastic and land on the ground without losing your health.

    3 - Pay attention to supply ships.

    Each game in Apex Legends shows a supply ship somewhere on the map. This huge piece of floating metal with prey contains ammunition, weapons and other equipment on board.

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