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  • 'Tom Clancys The Division 2' is to play with friends
    Hora: May. 10, 2019 De: SCDKey

    There are many multiplayer online shooting games with RPG mechanisms at present. Leave it to the franchise that helped make the trend a new standard for everyone.

    The peculiarity of "Tom Clancys The Division 2" is that there is always something new that you enjoy. Following Ubisoft's continuation of the 2016 success, you'll find rich content from start to finish and a more entertaining ending than you can imagine. This is done in a very balanced way, most games of this type are fun to play in a group, but Division 2 works well, either a solo or a friend.

    The first division led you to a well-designed New York City. For this tour, you are in Washington DC. There is very little explanation about what is happening or why, but the nation is still in chaos, devastated by the virus of the first game. From there, everything starts quickly, when you enter the exchange of fire and learn the mechanics of the game.

    And this mechanic is very funny thanks to the good shots and the challenge of the different types of enemies. Basically, it's a cover shooting game, but "The Division 2" never allows you to play robotically. A variety of enemy tactics require you to constantly adapt and be creative, which makes the game of weapons very entertaining.

    There are many bonuses in dark areas, but if they are not your thing, there is no pressure. The best thing about "Tom Clancys The Division 2" is that dark areas are never a necessity and you can flourish throughout the game.

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