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  • A New Anthem: Is This Online Travel?
    Hora: Mar. 15, 2019 De: SCDKey

    Bring us the Anthem Origin Key in 2019. Unfortunately, the space adventure that most people expect is not entirely correct. However, it is a fascinating online Destiny option that is worth exploring for a new adventure.

    You do not really have much customization for your character, but it does not matter because you spend most of the time in a "mejel" called "Javelin". In this way, you can move and explore the map, turn off enemies and pump your equipment. It is quite addictive, despite the boring and unimaginative story.

    As you increase your experience levels, add new weapons and skills to your arsenal, level existing weapons and obtain new equipment. If you've ever experimented with dungeon trackers that continually reward you with new treats, that's essentially what's happening here, albeit on a much larger scale.

    There is a lot to see and you have the freedom to explore most, if you think it's right, to float in the air. It's exciting in a way that BioWare has not tried yet. But as funny as stealing and picking enemies, there are also many annoying moving parts. Sometimes, Anthem Game Key seems to want to tighten his wings so as not to fly too close to the sun.

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